Decision Imperative #1 (CIO Priorities)

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IDC's CIO Agenda Top 10 Decision Imperatives 0-12 Organizational Impact Time (Months) to Mainstream Note: The size of the bubble indicates complexity/cost to address. 12-24 12+ Singledepartment Multipledepartments Companywide StrategicArchitecture CompetitiveStrategies PrematureObsolescence EnterpriseData 5 3 1 2 4 CIOPriorities

The use of technology, enabled by the 3rd Platform, will evolve rapidly over the next few years, presenting CIOs with an opportunity to redefine their job role. In their new role as a business peer, CIOs will need to deliver new revenue streams, mitigate business risks, and unleash the value of data.

industry transformation

Competitive Markets Demand Innovation, Agility, and Speed

Q. In three years, what type of CIO will your CEO define you as? CIO’s 2015PersonalAgenda 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70% 80% 0% 57.4% 20.0% 40.0% 33.0% 40.0% 9.6% Chief Innovation Officer: Focus ondelivering business innovation toincrease revenues, margins,and new products. Business Service Broker: Focus on providing business servicecapabilities through internal andexternal sources for service excellence Operational CIO: Focus on maintenance andoperations to manage costs and risks In 3 years Now N = 209Source: CIO Sentiment 2015 Summary

A recent IDC survey of 194 CIOs indicates that 57% expect to be defined in terms of "delivering business innovation to increase revenue, margins, and new products" in order to address the demand for innovation, speed, and agility in competitive markets. Only about 10% of CIOs expect their role to continue with the traditional "focus on maintenance and operations to manage cost and risk."

However, one risk that is increasing dramatically and that must be addressed is that of cyber security, which will take an increasing percentage of CIOs' (and other executives') attention.

Finally, the use of analytics will drive competitive differentiation, and organizations without both good information management and good analytics will quickly fall behind. The CIO will be required to provide appropriate information management and will then be positioned to provide enterprisewide insights and competitive business value.

Associated Drivers

  1. The number of IT devices and interfaces jumps exponentially
  2. Nations, corporations, and cyber attackers institutionalize cyber warfare.
  3. The personal IT cocoon time-shifts individual work, leisure, and family life
  4. Aging IT workforce issues accelerate adoption of industry IoT cloud
  5. Active cognition from smart analytics replaces passive analysis and interrogation

IT Impact

  1. 3rd Platform technologies compel IT to redefine and justify its role.
  2. Cyber security concerns require IT leadership and ongoing CXO accountability.
  3. Competitive markets demand innovation, agility, and speed.
  4. Guidance.

IDC Prediction

By 2017, 80% of the CIO's Time Will Be Focused on Analytics, Cyber Security, and Creating New Revenue Streams Through Digital Services