Top CIO Decision Imperatives


Philip Carter

Enterprise Infrastructure and Software

The 3rd Platform disruption

The 3rd Platform disruption — cloud, mobility, Big Data/analytics, and social business — increases pressure on most businesses to transform. While IT organizations have worked hard over the years to learn how to cope with changes, the current rate of acceleration and the order-of-magnitude increases in every measure of volume present the CIO with a seemingly impossible challenge. With traditional approaches, IT organizations are too slow, while business organizations need speed.

Based on information and data from IDC customers, surveys, public sources of data, and anecdotal evidence gathered by analyst-client interactions, IDC has identified 10 decision imperatives that encapsulate the challenges facing the CIO in the next two to four years. This SAP sponsored iView explores 5 of these 10 imperatives. As with any challenge, these decision imperatives also represent opportunities for the CIO to step up to the next stage of leadership.

Click on each of the Decision Imperatives in the chart below or use the tabs to navigate what challenges the CIO is facing
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